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Canal Du Midi

Explore France’s Wine Country Like a Boss on Your Own Private Vessel

Le Boat’s Cruising Destinations that Every Wino Must Visit

Boating vacation is a perfect way to enjoy the spectacular scenery of the French waterways. Discover the beauty of France and its countryside from the country's canals and romantic rivers. With Le Boat you can explore the sights or stop at any time to relax, indulge in fine French wines and delicious food. Choose from 10 regions with distinct scenery, gastronomy, culture and charm and explore them at your own pace, aboard your self-drive barge.

Once upon a time, vacations were all about the beach, sand and crystal-clear waters. Now, it seems there’s a new reason to stamp your passport – welcome to enotourism.   Enotourism, the emerging trend of traveling specifically to experience the wines of the world, is rapidly growing. With the era of social media and influencers among us, the constant sharing of lavish vacations, food, wine and culture has inspired travellers more than ever to book trips and venture off for a unique gastronomic experience. As Europe accounts for approximately 65 per cent of the world’s wine production, what better place to enjoy your first vino-centric vacation?


And if it’s a unique experience you’re craving imagine sailing amongst the vineyards of Burgundy or sipping the Rieslings of Potsdam aboard your very own river cruiser.

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