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Tips on traveling by car in France

location voiture achat rachat citroen c4A driving holiday is the best way to see all the famous attractions France and Europe have to offer. With a car you will have the freedom to explore the cities, as well as all the nooks and crannies of the small towns and villages and doing whatever you like whenever you like... which train travel does not offers...

You have the choice to travel within the French countryside, to explore as many as you please. 
Do not believe everything you read about the ‘dangers’ of driving in France,  it is simply not correct. Yes they drive a bit faster, but they do not crash onto each other more than we do in Australia.
The only major concern is to drive on the other side of the road which takes a little getting used to but, certainly not a major issue. We recommend you to select an automatic to eliminate one thing to think about, changing gear. Another advice is should you need a automatic car, book it early as 90% of the cars in France are manual and you may not find much availability in smaller country depots.  Automatic cars are also a little more expensive than the manual… but money is not always the most important point.

All French laws are similar than the Australian's ones in regards to speed limitation, blood-alcohol level and others like child seats.
An International Driving Permit (IDP) is a requirement for renting a motor vehicle in many European countries and is helpful for tourists who find themselves in need of identification or assistance.

So yes to maximise your French travel experience a driving holiday is the way to go.

For French or European driving holidays over 21 days, you might consider a Car Lease option for good value for money and piece of mind. You will drive a brand new tax-free vehicle with factory warranty, comprehensive insurance with NO excess and unlimited kilometres.
We will discuss this particular product in one of our next BLOGS... so stay tuned!


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