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What is the best way to avoid the line and visit the Eiffel Tower?

Tour Eiffel3 small3For every major world cities’ famous sites there are long and winding queues waiting for those who choose not to pre-book their visits, one way or another.

Paris is no exception and the Eiffel Tower queues can be up to 3 hours waiting time… It will seriously reduce your enjoyment especially if you happen to be there in the middle of the European winter…
So let us give you our strategy to make your visit easier and avoid the long lines and save you time.

The Eiffel Tower has recently opened up a way to book advance skip-the-line tickets online. The process is still not so straight forward but manageable. Here is the site… CLICK HERE   The quickest way and certainly the more secure one, is to pre-book one of the many Eiffel Tower tour options available which include a guide to escort you to the Eiffel Tower by coach, then hands you a ‘express’ ticket for the priority lift avoiding the long queues. This lift will give you access to the second floor, often described to be the best level to take photos of Paris. Once on the 2nd floor, it is possible to buy a ticket using a credit card at a dispenser to get to the 3rd level. 

The cheapest tour will cost you 45 Euros per person, definitely worth it to ‘Skip the line’ during your precious time in Paris.
For the people interested in dining at the Eiffel Tower at either restaurant, the bookings can be made on line only 8 weeks prior the date -  

For more details on the various Eiffel Tower tours just call us on 1300 302 623.


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