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What is a car leasing?

Peugeot 308 1If you are travelling in Europe for more than 3 weeks, leasing a car with one of our 3 leasing programs; with Peugeot, Renault or Citroen is a great option for you.
Leasing a vehicle gives you the freedom to cruise the open roads of Europe in style. Specifically designed for non-European residents and travellers planning an extended driving holiday in Europe between 21 and 175 days. It is a great alternative to car hire allowing you to explore the best of the French Countryside or Europe.

Besides receiving a brand new car, all Car Leasing includes full vehicle insurance with no vehicle excess, full factory warranty, personal accident insurance with NO excess, free additional drivers, unlimited kilometers and 24-hour roadside assistance in 8 countries throughout Europe.

The Leasing programs offer Free pick-up & drop-off at various airports, train stations & downtown locations in 19 cities within France. For a small additional fee, you can also collect and/or return your vehicle in 13 other European cities outside France. 
With all vehicles coming straight from the factory you know you are receiving the latest model available or the car you have requested (unlike car rentals, in most cases).
Most models are equipped with air conditioning, power steering, radio, CD player, automatic locking and ABS brakes. Along with better fuel consumption, 'diesel' fuel is generally cheaper in Europe so we provide a large range of diesel models on fleet to choose from. 

So to summarise the car lease and to put it simply, a car leasing in Europe is a long term car rental (for generally over 21 days and for up to 6 months) with additional advantages like:

  • - no extra drivers fees,
  • - the car is fully insured with no excess for you to pay should something happen to the car (conditions apply - see brochure)
  • - you received a brand new vehicle straight from the factory and you are guaranteed to receive the car you order, (this is not the case for car rental) 

Our last piece of advise and to make it easier for you, is to recommend you to select an automatic car with a GPS option"a marriage saver"…


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