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Paris Food tours

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  • Days : from Tuesday to Friday (week-end on request)
  • Duration 2:30 to 3 hours
  • Number of people: 2 to 8 people
  • Group rate applies for 5 or more people


What's new for this year ?
  • ➢ Succulent Paris is Gluten Free friendly : food tour & baking class.
  • ➢ Sweet Paris : to discover more pastry and chocolates shops in different neighborhoods (Montmartre, Montorgueil, Marais)
The favorite gourmet tours and classes of our clients:
  • ➢ The Saint Germain des Prés gourmet tour.
  • ➢ The Choux Class to master this delicate “It” pastry.
  • ➢ Still the Baking Class, a family experience of French cooking
We customize food tours and classes :
➢ For vegetarians.
➢ Food tours and tastings for groups (up to 12)
➢ Some example of combination:
– Saint Germain tour + Champagne tasting (nice for a special occasion).
– chocolate tour + wine tasting (chocolate and wine pairing)

Food Tour in Montorgueil

The pedestrian Montorgueil street has been hosting fresh food for centuries. Nowadays, trendy food stores are side by side with the oldest food shops and cafés of Paris. Discover the tiny shops inspired by the Slow Food movement offering high quality products from small producers. Then down the street, taste our selection of the most famous French specialities : a pastry from the oldest Parisian pastry shop, chocolates from an artisan chocolatier, raw milk cheeses … And if you are a cook crazy about any new kitchen utensils like us, we will go to our favorite shops close by.
What's included : beverage, pastries, bread, charcuteries, chocolate, cheeses...
RATE: From A$250 per person

Market tour in the 17 th – Like a local.
The 17th arrondissement is a non tourist neighborhood where we met and where started our friendship and the adventure of Succulent Paris. For 9 years, we have built up privileged relationships with artisans and shopkeepers. Start with a welcoming café and croissant before visiting a covered market and taste cheeses & bread. Then walk to rue de Levis, a famous street market in Paris. Explore our selection of food shops : from olive oil to honey, from chocolate to pastry.
What's included: cup of coffee with croissant, cheese tasting with bread, chocolates, mini-pastry and other tastings...
RATE: From A$235per person

Gourmet Tour in Le Marais
Walking tour in a district rich with history (beautiful mansions, old jewish streets) to discover the oldest covered market and taste cheeses on site and then visit our selection of gourmet shops (one the best chocolatier in Paris, the most delicious bakery in the area, the oldest teashop of Paris, a pastry shop dedicated to éclairs, a spice shop run by the family for 2 centuries ...).
What's included: a cup of coffee, cheeses, bread, pastry, chocolates & caramels, olive oil, tea.
RATE: From A$250per person

Gourmet Tour in Saint Germain des Prés
Off the beaten path on the Left Bank, a walking tour to discover our selection of food artisans: an open-air  market (Tuesday & Friday morning), olive oil, chocolate, pastry, tea, the original salted butter caramels, the famous Tropezienne. Enjoy a personalized tasting of luxury food samples by Valérie, the owner of nice little gourmet boutique. Ending in a typical cosy wine bar to taste cheeses with a glass of French wine.
What's included : a cup of coffee, chocolates, cheeses & a glass of wine, pastries, olive oil, gourmet products …
RATE : From A$250 per person

Market tour in Aligre and Bastille (on Thursday)
Aligre market is one of the busiest and more colorful market in Paris. The open-air market offers a large range of fruits and vegetables whereas inside la Halle Beauvau, the 19 century covered market, in a more quiet atmosphere, stands propose cheeses, pastry, spices, meat, fsh … And then, to have a full experience of French market, visit the biggest weekly famers' market near Bastille.
hat's included: a cup of coffee, cheeses & bread, pastries, charcuterie, tarte fambée.
RATE: From A$240 per person

Succulent Paris
Food Tour in Montmartre and the 9 th arrondissement Away from the most touristy spots of Montmartre, discover some of the best artisans in the neighborhood: a pastry from a talented pastry chef, a baguette from the awarded baker “Paris best baguette 2015”. Then down the hill explore the trendy rue des Martyrs, which has been offering for the last years many gourmet shops : from olive oils to the original “CBS”, salted butter caramels, from Parisian macarons to jams. End this walking tour with a cheese tasting with a glass of wine in a shop and restaurant specialized in cheeses.
What's included : a cup of coffee, pastries, bread, pâté, caramel & chocolate, cheeses & a glass of wine.
RATE : A$210 per person

Food Tour in the 5 th arrondissement
The 5th arrondissement not only host the prestigious Sorbonne and the Roman Arènes de Lutèce but also outdoor markets and gourmet shops where Parisians shop everyday. According to the days, start or end by visiting a farmers' market offering fresh food. Explore the charming streets and taste delicious French products : chocolates, pastries, pâté, French saucisson … End with a cheese tasting and a glass of wine.
What's included : a cup of coffee, pastries, bread, charcuteries, chocolate, cheeses & a glass of wine.
RATE : A$250 per person

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