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European Car lease for 3 weeks to up to 175 days


Car leasing in Europe is well established and dominated by French vehicle makers including CitroenPeugeot or Renault. All vehicles are brand new and left-hand drive with pick-up and drop-off locations in major cities right across Europe but not the UK.

Car leasing owes its origins to a French Government incentive scheme to encourage tourism in France. The tax-free buy-back program allows the 3 French car manufacturers to lease out vehicles at discounted rates and receive tax credits. The program has proven to be very popular as well as successful with over 125,000 European visitors taking advantage of it each year.

The way it works is very simple and along the lines of a regular car lease. You lease the vehicle and the manufacturer guarantees to buy back the vehicle at the end of the leasing period. To lease a car in Europe on this program you must be a non-European national and reside in a country outside Europe

Car leasing starts at 21 days through to 175 and offers the flexibility of picking up in one European country and dropping off in another. In addition, all vehicles come with full comprehensive insurance cover which removes that nagging worry about excess insurance liability.

All the paperwork is completed and submitted well in advance of your departure date. This is to allow enough time for your vehicle to be sourced, registered in France and then delivered to your pick-up location. Therefore, you have peace of mind knowing that everything has been organised prior to your arrival. We recommend allowing 6-7 weeks prior to departure.

Vehicles can be collected up at delivery centres across Europe (no home or hotel delivery service is available) and offer the flexibility of picking up in one country and dropping off in another. This may entail a pick-up/drop-off fee. This is factored into the upfront price. In France, which has the most delivery locations, there is no fee.

FRANCE AT LEISURE is an official supplier for Renault, Citroen and Peugeot car lease in Australia,

so you can rest assured you will receive the best service and the lowest prices.

Peugeot - Citroen & DS - Download Brochure

  • 50% off delivery & collection fees for all cars, durations, and dates.
  • Long durations discounts of 20%+ off for 80+ day bookings (full delivery/collection fees will apply)
  • Loyalty bonus will be a free tank of fuel 
  • EXCLUSIVE BONUS ***additional $120 discount on Peugeot lease *** for more than 30 days leasing

Renault - Download Brochure 

  • 50% off delivery and collection fees for all cars, durations, and dates.
  • Long durations discounts of 20%+ off for 80+ day bookings on all cars and dates.
  • EXCLUSIVE BONUS ***additional $120 discount*** for more than 30 days leasing

*** These promos are valid for bookings through to the end of March 2022 ***

A European car lease is the most comprehensive self-drive package. 

Leasing a CitroenPeugeot or Renault is the best solution for Australians wanting to do a self-drive holiday exploring Europe for between 21-170 days. ALL vehicles are fitted with GPS, "a marriage saver".

Car lease brands


  • Receive a brand new car
  • 24-hour roadside assistance
  • Unlimited kilometres
  • 27 European Delivery & Return Centers
  • Full insurance with NIL excess to pay

Exploring France is definitely one of the highlights of travelling around Europe. Avoid the crowds and get to know the real France. From Paris to Nice or Biarritz to Strasbourg, you're guaranteed to find sleepy villages, rich culture, and stunning scenery. Driving in the French countryside is a pleasurable and relaxing experience where you'll meet lots of friendly people and return home with many wonderful memories to cherish. Drive Europe in confidence with one of our Car Leasing suppliers!

Collection & Return Locations

You can collect or return your vehicle from any of the following locations. 

  • Locations in France that are free: Basel-Mulhouse -Bordeaux - Brest - Calais - Geneva - Lyon - Marseille - Montpellier - Nantes - Nice -  Paris x 3 - Pau - Toulouse
  • Locations outside France that have an extra charge: Fees apply: Amsterdam - Barcelona - Brussels - Frankfurt - Lisbon - Madrid - Milan - Munich - Porto - Rome - Vigo
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