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I was born and raised in the south west of France and have travelled extensively throughout every main region especially for the last 12 years for ‘product research trips’ organised by the French tourist bureau. Tough gig...!. My favourite region would be the Basque region on the Atlantic coast and close to the Spanish border. It has a great mix of seaside with endless beaches, picturesque mountains with the Pyrenees and so many opportunities for scenic self-drive day in-land trips.

My wife Lisa tells me that I have one of the easiest jobs in the world: “selling France” – on this one I have to agree... France’s regions are so diverse, offering something for every Australian going there and whatever the season.


Nicola France At Leisure

I was born in the UK and emigrated to Australia in 2004.  I joined France at Leisure in 2006 and one of my first projects was Rugby World Cup 2007 sending over 700 people to France.

I have fond memories of family camping holidays in Perpignan in the south of France, hotel stays in Paris and at Euro Disney and shopping day trips to Calais in the north of France. I enjoy working at France at Leisure and have a passionate team with a wealth of knowledge and experience to share.


Leila France At Leisure

I am originally from the south of France (one of the nicest regions in my biased opinion) and I am proud to be working with such an excellent team of highly experienced travel staff at France at Leisure.

I have been living in Australia for about 15 years and have embraced the new lifestyle and although I have adapted to my new country of adoption, I very much enjoy resourcing myself in Europe’s most diverse, tasty, culturally exciting country to explore... France.  I never tire to be amazed by the array of art, architectural wonders, soaring Cathedrals and Château’s (to name a few) every time I go back to the old continent.


Debra France At Leisure

Born in Australia but married to a Frenchman. (Yes I am the lucky one) I was fortunate enough to travel the world for 20 years and during this time worked and vacationed in France.

Our family still lives in the south of France and I enjoy spending time with them in what I believe to be the most beautiful part of France. This region is a must on every French itinerary with the shopping, wineries and restaurants an experience of a lifetime. 

Love having a job where I can sell and pass on my knowledge of a Country I have come to love.


Elodie France At Leisure

I am french, married to a French man. After many years in Paris we decided to change our life moving to Brisbane a few years ago. We love to live here. 

I was born and raised in Burgundy near Auxerre. I spend many years in Dijon for my studies. So I know very well this region of history, gastronomy, wine... I specially remember the days spent along the canals famous for the barge canal cruising. 

I like working for France At Leisure promoting our lovely country and its culture & traditions.