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“France @ Leisure strongly believes that all discerning Australian travellers deserve a professional travel service to offer true and practical advices to experience all this rich country has to offer in history, tradition and beauty. A traditional basic brochure is simply not enough to respond to everyone needs”.

Our commitment to you:
As we all have different needs, we treat you as individuals and act on your behalf to find the travel solution which is right for you.
We will consider the time you have available, your past travel experience, your expectations and keeping with your budget.
Quality is everything to us. Whatever your budget, France At Leisure aims to provide the best travel products and services available in France to match your expectations.   

Knowledge is power: over the years we have built a fantastic network with local licensed service providers. Our team members, mostly of French origin have travelled extensively throughout France and can combine this experience with a large network of contacts and give you personal and genuine advice.
We know the French capital very well, the back roads, the gourmet restaurants, the exclusive sites not to miss, the historic monuments, and the practical things to assist us in tailoring your personalised itinerary.

So call us to discuss your travel plans on 1300 302 623 and we will make it happen.

A bientot,

Christian BLONDEAU

Founder and Director of France@Leisure

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